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Crime in New York

Falling crime rate in New York

Crime in New York has always been somewhat of an issue since New York was founded in this country and because New York is one of the larger populated areas all around this country. New York is a hub of activity throughout the year every year, it is always a bustling place full of all kinds of exciting events including broadway plays, concerts, film galas and more going on within the state every year.
With that being said crime is very much a real problem in New York since criminals can use those events to their advantage making tourists especially an easy target within the city because New York is such a high profile state throughout the country.

There has been a Falling crime rate including burglary, murder, assult and robbery over the years thanks to the government in New York having the utmost concern over the the safety for the people living all around New York.

In New York City for example I know the crime rate has been down since Rudi Gulliani was mayor in the 90’s and has not gone too much higher since his terms in office with other cities within the state following his lead by example.

1. Murder
The murder rate has been somewhat low in New York in more recent times.

2. Assult
Assult has been down in more recent times

3. Burglary
Burglary has been down throughout the state in more recent times

4. Robbery
Robbery within the state has been down in recent years

Where there is a higher population there will always be a higher crime rate. There is nothing you can really do about that except to try to have police officers keep those crime rates down by patrolling the streets while on duty in their districts.

The government in New York cares about their citizens so they always try to do what is best for every citizen in the state including making sure that those people are well protected while in the state.

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