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16s Analysis services

For decades,16s analysis has been used to develop a sequence-based bacterial analysis. Technological innovations have culminated in the modern approaches to 16s bacterial phylogeny and taxonomy services. With the help of 16s microbiome info; 

  • Technology, 16s services help make an informed decision about the identification of Mycobacteria in cells. 

The award-winning software limited company Applicon Services, have cemented themselves as an icon in the software provider in Asia and the pacific. Applicon software company boasts a wealth of experience in 16s facilities with a track record of precision in microbioloical data analysis and storage.


Show the onset stages of cancer

It is worth noting that microbe analysis is an essential exercise in the medical and nutrition field. Scientists have established that microbiome levels vary with age, diet, chronic diseases, and medication. For example, one of the primary goals of 16s system is to show the onset stages of cancer. Microbiome info; 

  • Analysis secured from 16s rRNA is of great help to clinicians and researchers in establishing and profiling bacterial phylogeny and taxonomy. 


Different modules in microbes data analysis

The four main modules in microbes data analysis include Shotgun data profiling, Maker-gene Data profiling, Taxon set enrichment analysis, and projection with public data. The nucleotide sequence analysis through 16s rRNA followed by a comparison of the sequence helps in identifying bacteria and other organisms in various species. 


Store the information for future use

While profiling has scientifically proven genes, it is paramount to store the information securely for future use. The process of sequencing different species becomes more manageable in an organized information setting. This is why the microbiome Data analysis is an essential tool in modern technological deliveries.


16s rRNA bacteria

With the help of a bioinformatics system whereby information is stored after 16s rRNA bacteria identification, clinical laboratories are capable of providing the useful lead. This services software system is one of the most efficient in the storage of such data. However, the software stored information ensures that data is condensed in a microchip under a simple filing system. 


Software based Microbiome technology

The clinicians and researchers who use this software-based Microbiome technology are better able to provide accurate information.

The evolution of 16s companies from the 1960s to the modern technological methods of microbe data analysis cannot be overemphasized. Laboratory clinicians, researchers as well as nutritionists are embracing software storage systems.

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