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9 Benefits and reasons to buy screw compacting machines

If you wonder why you should invest in screw compacting machines, well it’s mainly to help compress all the accumulated industrial waste materials. This in turn provides for its easy storage and transportation to recyclers.

Recyclers tend to buy waste materials in bulk. Selling this waste material to them provides industries with an additional source of income. Besides, compacting waste prevents materials is environmentally friendly. It prevents waste from landing up in landfill as they are eventually recycled into something new.


Screw compacting machines have multiple uses and applications. They are obviously highly used in wastewater treatment plants, tanneries and in industrial waste treatment plants.

They are also widely used in the following industries:

Chemicals, food processing, paper mills, pesticides, insecticides, minerals, food and spices, pigment colors, dyestuffs, guar gum, starch, and fertilizer.


There are various reasons and advantages to investing in screw compactors.

  1. They are better than regular compactors because they pre-crush the material. This helps reach higher capacity loading weights as much as 300kg compacted waste per cubic meter.
  2. Most screw compactors come with a maintenance-free gear drive and heavy-duty roller bearing. This is why and how the compactor is rendered suitable for various applications and is strong enough to use for a long time to come.
  3. The machine’s construction also offers low service costs. It has a fully automatic lubrication system makes the machine dirt resistant and thus prolongs its life. It also has a new gear drive that prevents the gear drive’s impact load.
  4. Screw compactors also come with material-specific feeding accessories. They help in the pre-crushing of materials which in the process prevents them from bridging.
  5. Most screw compacting machines are compact in design. This means that they are easily integrated with your existing plant and equipment.
  6. These machines are also known for low energy consumption. Reduction in energy and utility bills is obviously appreciated anytime in any company.
  7. The most and obvious advantage of screw compactors is the fact that it helps reduce the volume of waste in an establishment. Space is an expensive commodity and with screw compactors saving on space, it’s another reason to invest in one.
  8. These collective advantages mean that screw compacting machines help reduce a business’s running costs.
  9. Its reduced maintenance needs also mean that employees can spend their time and focus on other more important and productive tasks. Besides, the machines process large quantities of waste into manageable loads. This can be sold to recyclers to provide a company with an additional source of income.

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