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Do aluminum windows and doors make an ideal choice for your home?

One of the many questions that crops to mind while renovating your home is which the best windows and doors are. You will be looking for something that’s well-insulated with minimal maintenance.

You basically have three options to choose from, with their pros and cons:

  • Plastic that ages quickly and aren’t aesthetic looking from the inside.
  • Wood may be appealing to the eyes, but need periodical painting and maintenance.
  • Aluminum may be virtually maintenance-free, but have poor thermal insulating properties and don’t suit your interiors.

Considering these pros and cons, it looks like wood-aluminum windows and doors are the best. It’s obviously because it’s a combination of both materials and its features and advantages.

  1. Maintenance free with thermal insulation

They have the best of maintenance free aluminum and the beauty of natural wood. In addition to this, there are its thermal insulation properties and maximum quality and utility value which give more reason to use these windows.

  1. Aesthetically pleasing

They are also aesthetically pleasing where it’s solid wooden window frame adds to the beauty and coziness to the interiors. An aluminum cladding protects its exteriors, with a color complementing your house interiors and style.

  1. Increased utility

Aluminum windows and doors come with increased utility value with it’s wood’s excellent thermal insulating properties and durability.

  1. Customized options
  • You can choose between double or triple glazing insulation.
  • You get to choose the type of wood between differently textured and colored Czech woods like pine, oak, larch. You can alternatively choose something exotic like mahogany or meranti.
  • You can choose differently designed aluminum cladding as per your budget and interiors. You can choose between elegantly curved profiled cladding or something modern and square in shape.
  • You can also choose the sash that’s in contact with the glass. There’s a choice between the standard for wood-aluminum profiles, the Live design, with a 5° chamfer, or a straight, Future design.
  • Wood profiles are traditionally tenoned in the corner for added stability while aluminum is filled with insulation foam to meet low energy stringent standards.
  • The aluminum has a ‘komaxit’ or powder-baked color finish for added durability. If required, you can also opt to join all corners first by welding, and then apply the komaxit surface finish. This gives the aluminum a more compact feel because its corner joints aren’t visible.

Considering all these features and aesthetics, it’s not surprising that aluminum windows and doors are deemed the windows of the future.

Recycling of aluminum and plastic

Given the amount of produced materials and products it is important for the environments health that we recycle what we cannot use anymore. Like aluminum, wood and plastic windows.

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