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Stool microbiome profiling service

The specimen is a one-stop-shop for biospecimens that will assist you in meeting your specific research needs.

The vast and growing network contains millions of human biospecimens from patients with various medical conditions, including oncology, infectious diseases, autoimmune diseases, cardiovascular disease, women’s health, endocrinology, gastrointestinal disease, neurology, urology, and dermatology, as well as normal adjacent tissue.



GutBiome+ is a wonderful resource for anyone looking to optimize their digestive health and general well-being. When a stool sample is provided for the gut health test, whole metagenome sequencing is utilized to:


  • Analyze the bacteria in your gastrointestinal tract


  • Inform you about your microbiome, metabolism, nutritional value, lifestyle, and gut type.


  • Provide you with a comprehensive overview of probiotics


  • Provide customized dietary recommendations based on your metabolism and microbiota


Microbiome profiling service


BIOME-Preserve is a specimen collecting and transport device specifically intended to preserve the viability of microorganisms inside a specimen during travel.

This medium will not offer all the information necessary to identify microbiological isolates or populations. microbial profiling services further diagnostic methods and culture medium are necessary for full recovery, isolation, and identification.

BIOME-Preserve is not meant to preserve the sample’s bacterial population distribution or microorganism abundance. Additional collection and preservation kits may be necessary to analyze the material for DNA contamination before culture recovery.

Specimens should be transported and processed in the laboratory promptly since delays may result in the overgrowth of one or more of the organisms present in the specimen.


Service for analyzing the microbiota of stool


Microbiome analysis service, microbial profiling services for bacterial consortia using and for fungal composition using procedures from various sources, including but not limited to environmental, soil, plant, and food samples. Additionally, we provide full genome sequencing for bacteria samples


The human microbiome is the study of the microbial communities that live in and on the human body. Historically, investigating human skin, feces, or blood samples required time and labor intensive microbiological procedures such as cultivating and isolating individual organisms, followed by phenotypic or genotypic analysis.


The ideal sample approach would be non-invasive, need little cross-contamination or bowel preparation, and gather gut microbiota from many locations. Currently, sequencing methods are often based on feces, mucosal biopsies, or intestinal fluid samples.


Service for analyzing the human microbiome

Using Next-Generation Sequencing,  the taxonomic makeup of complex microbial consortia found in the while our primary emphasis is on human gut microbiome study can be determined, human microbiome analysis we can also extract DNA form, sequence, and analyze the human skin, mouth, nose, and vaginal microbiota.


Sequencing of the microbiome and nutrition

Diet and nutrition have been demonstrated to be the primary determinants of the gut microbiota.

Monitoring quantitative changes in microbial consortia throughout food processing, backed up by nutrition research, enables a better understanding and control of microbial activities.

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