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How to party in New York

Doing it right in New York

New York has always been a hub for nightlife for all aspects of music since the 70’s ranging from the days of Studio 54, CBGB’s, The Loft, Block Parties hosted by Afrika Bambataa on to The Sanctuary, The Paradise Garage and Danceteria to the high profile clubs of the 90’s including The Tunnel, The Sound Factory, Twilo as well as more underground events including The Storm Raves of the 90’s which has led the way to clubs becoming even more inclusive throughout the 2000’s on to today.

New York has never been a stranger when it comes to partying in Nightclubs and nightlife throughout the state in general.

New York has always been a major destination for those wanting to seek out the largest acts touring across America as well as the newest local bands primed to be the next big thing cropping up everyday.

1. The Right Space
New York has always been a major hub for the most high profile nightclubs in the world.

2. Summertime
Summertime is always the best time to check out these clubs in New York because this is the time of year when most things tend to happen with concerts and nightlife.

Drinking and safety

Drinking beer in these places is almost as safe as drinking beer at home with police out patrolling the areas to keep you safe while out on the town for a night of fun. Ot home you can always play your own beer game, like using a beer bong. That would be cool. See an example here.

Nightclubs in the Summertime can be a little more susceptible to crime because kids are out of school and they may want to cause trouble because they might be Drinking beer for the first time thanks to someone buying them some illegally and some of the more high profile events may be going on during this time for that very same reason. More people is more money.

The police may also have more of a job on their hands during this time because of all of the things going on at these establishments in the area.

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