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Visiting New York

Visit New York: The Official Guide To The Big Apple

When it comes to world class cities, New York is at the top of many individuals list. This sprawling metropolis has well over eight million residents inside of it’s five distinct boroughs. Better known as “The City That Never Sleeps,” the NYC is in constant motion 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Being such a huge municipality, public service workers such as firemen, police officers, and paramedics are always on stand-by. It’s the second biggest center for media production in the country, it hosts many prominent holiday parades, and it offers some of the finest cuisines. Just about every nationality in the world can be found here and here’s a more in-depth look at why this city stands out from the rest.

Attractions, Excitement, & Entertainment Around Every Corner

New York City is the mecca when it comes to action. The city has a wide variety of professional sporting teams such as the New York Knicks, the Brooklyn Nets, the New York Mets, the New York Yankees, and the New York Jets. Madison Square Garden is a hub for different types of events such as basketball games and concerts. Looking for some baseball action? Head over to the $2.3 Billion Yankee Stadium in the Bronx. Maybe you’re into tennis? The prestigious U.S. Open Tennis Championship is held over in Queens at the Meadows-Corona Park. You can expect plenty of excitement here thanks to the presence of celebrities and night-time games. Times Square is the heart of the city. This vibrant glowing oasis of lights is a hub for tourists, shopping, site seeing and roadside acts. Click for more information.

The city has many of the finest of green spaces and “Central Park” personifies this best. The 883 acre urban park is the most visited park in the nation with nearly 40 million visitors per year. It’s great for relaxing, roller blading and small concerts. New York does a great job with public safety also. The largest police force in the nation, (NYPD), has up to 35,000 police officers. The city’s firemen are multi-talented as they can provide technical rescue, fire protection, and they’re capable of handling hazardous waste. To round things out, NYC has over 3,300 paramedics and EMTs.

Historical & Educational Presence

New York City oozes history/education thanks to it’s 120 higher education facilities. This includes the prestigious New York University, Pace University, Fordham University, and the New York Institute of Technology. The Statue of Liberty’s presence can’t be denied either as “Lady Liberty” signifies the entrance to the free world. Other historical sites include the Empire State Building, Wall Street, the United Nations Headquarters, the One World Trade Center, and the Lincoln Center.

And of course you need to go see some art galleries. There are tons of art galleries worth visiting in the Big Apple.

Like the old saying goes, “be there or be square,” New York City is the epitome of growth, hard work and success.

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