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Friends and loved ones huddled around, popcorns popped, comfortable seats ready, now the only question is what to watch. Most people would agree that television has become part of our culture, the fundamental essence of our everyday life. If TV is one of our primary source of entertainment, and leisure, why is it often difficult finding the right show to watch?
It is often a difficult affair deciding to choose what TV series to watch.

However, once found, the right TV show is more than enough to keep you you glued to your living room couch for days, or grow a wilderness explorer beard due to forgetting to shave while binge watching the new seasons of your favorite shows.

Upon deciding that finding a show to watch on your own is trivial enough, and elect to ask your friends and family for suggestions, they certainly dont make it easier either. With all their various interests, suggestions, and preferred genres, everyone is unique in their choice of entertainment. Your well humored friends might suggest you watch Two and a Half Men, while your slightly horror feigned friend would insist you watch the thrilling American Horror Story — A huge disparity in personal taste.

While I have given shows like Two and a Half Men and American Horror Story, a second, and third watch, and find them hilarious, and entertaining, there is a show i find myself watching constantly.
Enough is enough! It is high time someone finally recommend you something that trumps every show out there. It makes no difference if your favorite genre is comedy, action, adventure, fantasy, or even war, Game of Thrones is the center at which all genres meet.

Kings, Queens, Dragons, Alchemy, Magic, resurrected dead ice cold creatures, GoT will leave you in awe.

The Game of Thrones universe pulls you in, with villains that you love to hate, heroes that you deeply identify, and fall in live with, and its self serving antiheroes whom cant be classified as neither good nor bad.
After giving the entire show a second, and even third watch, most Game of Thrones fans often find themselves deeply invested in the story’s plot, which leads them to looking further into the bloodline and ancestry of their favorite characters, through the physical GoT books. GoT books add rich context to the visual experience, one page leads to another, and before you know it you’re devouring entire books in just one sitting

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